Frequently asked questions

On this page you can read answers to questions you may have. Do you have any other questions? Please send an e-mail to

How are participants selected?

The municipality has invited residents at random. This allows us to reach a diverse group of residents. Of the residents who respond to this invitation, 90 participants will be drawn to participate in phase 1 of the citizens’ consultation. If you are one of the 90 participants, you will receive all practical information upon confirmation of participation.

Would you like to continue the conversation after phase 1? Then you can register for phase 2. From all registrations, 30 participants will be drawn.

If you respond to this invitation but are not part of the final selection, you can still give your opinion to the citizens’ consultation. To this end, visit to give your advice.

What will be done with the advice?

At the end of the meeting, you will give an individual opinion stating which topics you think are important when it comes to combating climate change. These topics will be further discussed in phase 2 of the citizens’ consultation by a smaller group of 30 participants. These 30 participants arrive at a joint opinion that is presented to the Municipal Council.

How much time will I need to devote?

The meeting takes place at a nice location in your neighbourhood and will last 4 hours. You can choose between 2 dates. If you register for phase 2 of the citizen’s consultation, you will attend 3 meetings. These meetings will also take 4 hours each. Please take 1 hour extra for these meetings to prepare properly.

Will I be compensated for my efforts and participation?

If you participate in phase 1 of the citizen consultation, you will receive a voucher for two people to go climbing in the Uithof or to go to the movies. You are free to choose. If you also participate in phase 2, you will receive a voucher for 4 people to go to Drievliet or Madurodam. Again, you are free to choose.

What about my privacy?

We will store your personal data until the meetings. After that, they are destroyed. Furthermore, we do not publish, share or store the data of the registrations.

May I give the invitation to someone else?

No. This is a personal invitation. You should not give the invitation to anyone else.

Can I bring someone?

Yes, you may bring someone along for support. For example, someone to help you walk or someone to translate the information for you. This person will not be allowed to give advice.

Can I get help to participate?

Yes. If you need anything extra to take part in the meeting, such as transport, an interpreter or child care, please indicate this on the application form. Then we will help you find a solution. We will pay any additional costs for you.

What can I do to prepare?

We will send you more information before the meeting. It would be nice if you read it before the meeting. At the meeting, we make sure that everyone can give their opinion.