Give your advice to the municipality!

How should we deal with climate change in your neighbourhood?

You have the chance to advise The Hague politics!

Keep a close eye on your mailbox in the coming period. The Municipality of The Hague is organising a citizens’ consultation in your neighbourhood to advise politicians on climate change. Maybe you will also receive a personal invitation to participate!

A citizens’ consultation in your neighbourhood

The Municipality of The Hague is organising a citizens’ consultation on climate change in your neighbourhood. A citizens’ consultation is formed by a randomly selected group of citizens who together advise the politicians on social issues.

A group of selected residents from your neighbourhood will soon receive a personal invitation for this consultation. Will you be one of the lucky ones? Then register and use this opportunity to advise the politicians of the Municipality of The Hague.

Climate change

This citizens’ consultation is about climate change and how best to combat it. Because the climate is changing. The summers are getting hotter and the winters less cold. Drought and the number of storms have increased. The consequences thereof are also noticeable in The Hague. One of the reasons for climate change is the energy we use. Our use of gas, coal and oil causes CO2 emissions. Too much CO2 in the air causes major changes in the climate.

Sustainable energy

This is why we need to save energy and why we are switching to sustainable energy in the Netherlands. For example, energy from wind farms, solar panels and heat from the earth. This means that we are going to adapt our neighbourhoods and homes to these new sources of energy. We will also be active in your neighbourhood. The Municipality of The Hague is asking for your advice!

Have the opportunity to win a nice day out

Will you respond to your personal invitation and you are selected to participate? To thank you for your participation in the citizens’ consultation, you will receive a voucher at the end for a nice outing with your family or friends.

Are you not selected, but you still want to participate?

If you do not receive a personal invitation, but you still want to participate, you can give your opinion via a brief questionnaire. To this end, go to or scan the QR code. The answers will be included in the final report that goes to the Municipal Council.

Questions and information

You can find more information about the citizens’ consultation at Do you have any other questions or need help with your application? Employees of the Municipality of The Hague are at your service. You can call them at telephone number: 14070. Or send an e-mail to